Eksekutif Diploma - UTM (MQA)

EDGE Programme is an alternative path of education for working people in industry that may previously not have had the opportunity to pursue normal academic programmes in order to enhance their career and to develop and update their skills and knowledge. This programme is aimed at tackling industry’s specific issue and urgent manpower needs not addressed through conventional channels.

A key feature of the EDGE Programme is that entry requirements are based on personal capability and work experience rather than academic qualifications. For executive diploma programmes, the criteria of student admission are based on the admission policies and guidelines approved by the UTM Senate and in accordance with Guidelines For the Executive Programmes stipulated by the Malaysian Qualification Agency. This guideline can be accessed at http://www.mqa.gov.my/

1. University General Requirements
Passed in a single sitting Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) with three (3) credits
2. University General Requirements (Certificate Holders)
Obtained a certificate from a Polytechnic / equivalent in a field relevant to the course applied with a minimum of CGPA 2.00, and Passed all subjects of specialization
3. University General Requirements (Other qualifications)
Holds other qualifications deemed equivalent to SPM levels with three (3) credits and approved by the Government of Malaysia and by the Senate.
4. Programme Specific Requirements
  • Candidates must provide evidences endorsed by the present employer that they have had at least three (3) years working experience in a related field.
  • At least 21 years of age
  • Pass the interview / test to certify experience, if so required by UM
  • Candidates are required to submit a detailed transcript of SPM/ Certificates results (from the first semester to the final semester) / Course Attendance, endorsed by employer .

  • Course Notes are provided to participants/students
  • Extensive UTM and UTM Razak School library and other learning resources and facilities.
  • Speakers from industries are invited from time to time to deliver talks and discuss their experience.
  • Student is allocated with qualified project academic supervisor and industrial supervisor to assist in producing quality project report.

  • Board of Studies involvement in updating professional and business developments
  • Scrutiny from UTM Standing Senate Committee, UTM Curriculum Committee and UTM Quality Unit
  • Academic Courses reviewed by the Academic Committee
  • Lecturer /Instructor approved by UTM Razak School ,with qualification at least a Bachelor Degree and extensive industrial or teaching experience.
  • Staff appraisal scheme and institutional staff development courses.
  • Regular course team meetings and comprehensive three year Programme review

An integrated learning approach and assessment methods are applied for the executive diploma programme. Learning activities and case studies discussion are facilitated by lecturers during face to face meetings. Quiz, test, presentation and post module assessment (PMA) methods were stated in the module outlines., PMA assignment were conducted through discussions via internets, self and independent studies. Preparation and analyses of PMA were conducted individually by taking into account student’s prior experiential learning (PEL).CERTIFICATE ISSUING BODY
The Executive Diploma is awarded by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia to graduate, students should:
  • Complete a total of 60 credit hours with minimum CPA of 2.00.
  • Complete and pass the Diploma Project I (Proposal ) and Diploma Project II (Report).


  • Integrated approach in Teaching and Learning and multidisciplinary courses
  • This Programme covers topics related to engineering business management.
  • This programme provides students with the combination of practical knowledge and skills necessary for a rewarding career in an engineering business.
  • The lecturers of this programme possess extensive academic and professional / industrial experience.
  • The only Executive Diploma in Manufacturing Technology offered  to the Malaysian industrial   sector.
  • ii.  Substantial topics related to Manufacturing Technology are covered
  • iii. This programme provides students with formal learning's and assessment methods appropriate for adult learners.
  • iv. The lecturers of this programme possess extensive academic and professional / industrial
  • experience and highly capable to conduct courses listed in the Programme curriculum.

    Diploma Eksekutif (MQA) - UTM RAZAK SCHOOL


    Satu-satunya program Eksekutif Diploma yang telah menerima kelulusan MQA di Malaysia. Program ini amat bersesuaian untuk golongan pekerja yang terlibat dalam pelbagai sektor perindustrian dan perkhidmatan. Program ini akan membantu golongan pekerja memperolehi pengetahuan terkini dalam bidang-bidang tetentu dan boleh membantu dalam perkembangan kerjaya mereka.

    Objektif program.
    • Untuk meningkatkan kemahiran dalam bidang pengurusan perniagaan serta mampu mengenalpasti dan menyelesaikan masalah dalam operasi.
    • Untuk meningkatkan kemampuan berkomunikasi secara efektif serta mempamerkan kemahiran kepimpinan.
    • Untuk meningkatkan kebolehan penyeliaan dan pengurusan serta memberi kesedaran terhadap pengurusan perniagaan serta keusahawanan masa kini.

    1. Leadership & Team Management
    2. Essential Business Communication
    3. Management Information Syatems
    4. Creative Thinking and Problem Sloving
    5. Entrepreneurship and Supervisory Solving
    6. Business Mathematics
    7. Ethics, Globalisation and Cross-Cultural Issues
    8. Engineering Economics
    9. Operations Stratrgy and Management
    10. Process and Quality Improvement
    11. Project Management
    12. Marketing Principles and e-Business
    13. Maintenance Management
    14. Occupational Safety and Health
    15. Quantitative Methods / Decision Modelling
    16. Legal Issues in Business
    17. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    18. Engeneering Science / Any Executive Diploma Courses

    Projek : Cadangan Kertas Kerja (Project Proposal)
                 Kertas Kerja (project Paper)



    (MQA/PA 1436)

    Program Executive Diploma in Manufacturing Technology merupakan satu-satunya program dalam bidang ini yang ditawarkan untuk tenaga kerja dalam sektor industri di Malaysia. Program ini meliputi kesemua topik penting dalam bidang Teknologi Pembuatan. Para graduan yang menamatkan program ini mempunyai peluang yang baik untuk mendapatkan kerjaya yang lumayan bermula dari peringkat penyelia sehingga pembantu jurutera yang turut memainkan peranan sebagai agen perubahan dalam industry pembuatan.


    •  Untuk melahirkan tenaga kerja berkemahiran dan berpengetahuan dalam bidang teknologi pembuatan
    • Untuk meningkatkan tenaga kerja berkemahiran dalam bidang ini sewajar dengan wawasan kerajaan untuk melahirkan tenaga kerja berkemahiran tinggi bagi membantu perkembangan sektor industri di Malaysia


    1.  Leadership & Team Management
    2. Essential Business Communication
    3. Mechanical Technology Principles
    4. Creative Thunking and Problem Solving
    5. Entrepreneuship and Supervisory Roles
    6. Manufactory Processes
    7. Ethics, Globalisation and Cross-Cultural Issues
    8. Engineering Mathematics
    9. Electrical & Electronic Technology
    10. Process and Quality Improvement
    11. Project Planning and Management
    12. Materials Technology
    13. Maintenance Technology
    14. Occupational Safety and health
    15. Instrumentation
    16. Design Principles and Practices
    17. Plant Technology
    18. Industrial Automation
    Projek : Cadangan Kertas Kerja (Project Proposal)
                    Kertas kerja (Project Paper)


    • SPM 3 kredit dengan 3 tahun pengalaman kerja
    • Sijil Politeknik dengan CGPA 2.0
    • Kelayakan lain yang diiktiraf oleh UTM

    18 Modul + Project Proposal + Project Paper

    • Post Module Assignment (50% - 60%) + Examination (40% -50%)
    • Kuiz dan pembentangan dalam kelas

    Cara Pembayaran

    • Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP)
    • Dana Pembangunan Sumber Manusia (HRDF)
    • Pinjaman Bank
    • Pembiayaan Sendiri (Bayaran ansuran tanpa faedah)

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